About Alice Bohnker Insurance Services, LLC


I have been in the health insurance business since 1994. I gained a well-rounded knowledge and hands on experience in the business while working for a health insurance carrier and trained at the Claims Department coding and editing claims, then moved on to Customer Service answering eligibility and benefit questions and resolving claims issues, and then to the Marketing Department where I learned the different plans and underwriting guidelines. I became an independent health insurance agent in 2002.

Insurance Primer

Dental Insurance
Both individual and group policies that support quality of life by providing and encouraging regular dental care and maintenance.

Disability Insurance
A plan that provides periodic payments to the insured person to replace lost income in the event of injury or illness

Group Plans
Medical, dental, life, and disability insurance plans for businesses of all sizes-from sole proprietorships to small businesses, medical, educational, and hospitality institutions, farms, non-profits, and corporations. A group medical plan is essential and is a valuable tool that attracts, motivates, and retains employees.

Individual Plans
Comprehensive and catastrophic medical insurance plans for individuals and families.

Life Insurance
A variety of term and whole life plans to cover or supplement family expenses in times of need.

Long-Term Care
Individual coverage to assure appropriate care and protect financial assets in the event of long-term illness or ongoing health needs in later years. The plan may begin at any age; the younger and healthier the applicant, the lower the rate.

Medical Insurance
Comprehensive and catastrophic medical plans for individuals, the self-employed, and employer groups. A necessity in these times of high hospital and medical costs. Peace of mind when considering financial consequences of life’s unpredictable health issues.

Medicare Supplement
Supplementary plans that provide  senior citizens age 65 or over and under 65 who get disability benefits from Social Security or from the Railroad Retirement Board for 24 monthse benefits for certain specific expenses not covered by Medicare.

Health Savings Account
Starting in 2004, governmental regulations allow individuals with Health Savings Account-approved health insurance policies to deposit funds up to the limits established by the IRS into a special health savings account. Contributions to the account are tax-deductible and distributions, if used for “qualified” medical expenses, are tax-deferred.